5 places in Coquimbo that you can visit during your Atacama Immersion experience


2. Elqui Valley

It is a hydrographic basin that houses the Puclaro reservoir, this valley benefits from its resources and excellent location for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables; especially for export grapes and pisco production. It is one of the most visited places in the north and is considered an energy pole associated with UFO phenomena by the communities that carry out activities in it. It has tourist attractions, such as the Gabriela Mistral Museum, because Vicuña is its hometown; the Mamalluca Educational Observatory and the Cavas del Valle Vineyard, considered the highest in Chile.

Valle del Elqui

3. Mamalluca Astronomical Observatory

Ideal for astronomical explorations, the Observatory is a scientific research center located northeast of the Vicuña Commune. Opened and operated by an amateur organization of Astronomy. There are five optical Telescopes, which constitute the main attraction of this research center; With those who appreciate the sky will be an unforgettable experience. It is the most tourist observatory that presents the main advances of this science in an interesting journey of two hours.

observatorio mamalluca

4. The Totoralillo Beach

 It is another of the attractions of the IV Region. A beautiful beach two kilometers long, adorned with a rocky relief, which gives it striking. In Totoralillo, there are several alternatives for free recreation and relaxation, it is possible to practice swimming, fishing, recreational diving and surfing. In its coasts, surprising alternatives in terms of accommodation and food also await you.

Playa Totoralillo

5. National Reserve Humboldt Penguins

It was created in 1990 and has more than 859 hectares, its importance lies in housing wildlife in danger of extinction, the reserve protects an impressive avifauna of bandurrias, yacas, chungungos, birds of the red-tailed tropic and the penguins of Humboldt, besides sea lions. Recreation is possible, making camping in Damas Island is posible requesting authorization in CONAF - Coquimbo.

thumbnail Pinguinos de humbold. Touristed

In the Chilean North, not everything is desert, also beautiful beaches and landnscapes with diverse fauna and plantations that give color to its beautiful places.

Immersion in Atacama Chile is a wonderful option to be able to see it from an academic perspective, however, all material worthy of exploration in Chile. Recreation and entertainment in the Coquimbo region.   Therefore, we chose five places to visit in the IV Region during their experience in AI Chile.       Punta Choros   Expect all the tourists with a wonderful animal diversity, as well as the fauna is its characteristic, you can also know the bottlenose dolphin, the chungungo and the Humboldt penguin in their natural habitat. It is also endowed with paradisiacal beaches that can be visited throughout the year. During your visit to Punta Choros, you can visit the spectacular Isla de Damas, the caletas Los Corrales and San Agustín, picturesque ports of culture and crafts.