5 Places you can not miss when visiting Atacama


Properly, the city of San Pedro, belongs to the region of Antofagasta and houses the driest desert on the planet, its location at 3500 meters above sea level, makes it an attractive place caressed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in it too 28% of the Copper reserve is concentrated worldwide, in addition to other metals such as iron, silver and gold.

 Considered the best place in the world to see the sky and study astronomy, it is impossible to go without reaching the Valley of the Moon, a desert area declared as a sanctuary of nature in 1982. The fluvial and wind erosion, has been responsible for forming , mounds, points and waves that simulate the lunar surface. In the place, an absolute silence is perceived, ocher colors, absence of flora, fauna and a temperature of 18 ° C approximately. In addition to the peculiar formations, looking at the sky at night comprises an unimaginable experience.


The most visited places in the Valley of the Moon are: the viewpoint of the Cordillera de la Sal, the Quebrada de Ckari, the Tres Marías, and the largest dune in the Valley of the Moon, full of tourists waiting to see the incredible sunset Sun.

In your tour of the southern country, you can not leave aside the multi-colored Altiplano Lagoons, located at 4,200 meters above sea level. The most recognized are the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, deep blue waters and white banks. The landscapes in this place are impressive, with natural meadows full of diverse species of flora and fauna.

A special place to relax and rest, after knowing the area are the Termas de Puritama; are constituted by eight pools of warm waters that fluctuate between 29 to 34 degrees of temperature, is available to the public for your enjoyment.

The Village of Quitor, is a kind of fortress, formed by a large number of rock formations since the twelfth century. Thanks to its imposing appearance, it was considered a National Monument of Chile, a place indicated for those interested in ruins and archeology.

And so, we arrive at the most impressive natural landscape of the region, it is the Geyser del Tatio, it is about 98 kilometers from San Pedro. To access this place, you have to do it very early, with the first flashes of sun, to be able to observe the steam fumaroles that emerge from the geysers.

Definitely, the imposing natural beauty is not hidden in San Pedro de Atacama, so every year, about 100 thousand tourists come to visit its beautiful landscapes and enjoy its charms, you can not be the exception ...