Atacama Immersion Chile invites you to know the north of this interesting country


  Different academic programs have been created that include a diversity of disciplines for the groups of students that are motivated to live Atacama Immersion Chile, as well as our participants from the Universities of Akita, Texas Tech, Cetys University, among other groups.

    The Antofagasta region is the ideal place to develop our courses in Astronomy, Geology, Mining and Seismic Engineering. While in Coquimbo, our Business courses are conducted in Latin America, Spanish, Aquaculture and Marine Biology, using the Campus UCN and the strategic geographical location as a backdrop.

     AIChile Includes: Stay, food, support material, tickets to places of interest and transfers. In this way it is possible for participants to immerse themselves fully in the experience; an opportunity to be captivated by the charms of Northern Chile, while knowledge is nourished.