Elqui Valley products


The characteristics are related to the practice of aquiponia, which combines aquaculture and hydroponics in the same system, where aquatic organisms and plants benefit each other, all this is based on the technology of water recirculation, and reuse this precious water resource again and again. What is sought is the use of water to meet the demand of all the crops they require.

This is how Elqui Valley, is one of the northernmost sites visited by tourists from around the world, in terms of wines, the production of Syrah and Camenére. Pisco companies often take a tour of their facilities.

Also, in this beautiful place, it is possible to visit those dedicated to the manufacture of jams, preserves, fruit syrups, garlic paste, among others. The raw material is correctly, mostly small of the area, all packed exclusively in glass jars; Being the famous papayas in syrup, the most sought after by visitors.

Definitely a charming place, perfect for lovers of nature and tranquility, location and purity of the climate has been built Mamalluca observatory, open to the public since 1998 with guided tours, thus encouraging astronomical tourism.