More foreign students fascinated with Atacama Immersion Chile



   "We have received several international groups through this program. We look for people, opportunities and universities from different places to come and know our strengths as a city and region", said Felipe Tabilo, Atacama Immersion Chile coordinator.

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   With a duration of three weeks, the activity marks and remains in the memory of those who visit the North of Chile. "It is interesting to know about the differences in economies between the regions. I have been satisfied with the modules we have had", said the student Olivia Giles.

   Meanwhile, Chris Compean indicated that the most striking was the field trips. "I liked learning how the mountains were formed and knowing La Portada and Cerro Paranal," he said.

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 The funds collected by the Atacama Immersion Chile program are aimed at benefiting students of the UCN who want to develop student exchange abroad.