The weather: Important aspect when packing to live the experience Atacama Immersion Chile


However, summer can bring surprises with the so-called summer rains, where moisture moves through the Andes Mountains and affects the altiplano sectors from 2000 meters high. Causing moderate rainfall between December and March.

If the mountains and summits are the destination, it is necessary to use the appropriate equipment and have the advice of experts, since the winds are usually strong and the temperatures drop inclemently, especially in winter time (Between June and September).

The ideal is to feel safe, confident and protected from the changes in temperature that can be perceived, if the option is to visit the tourist sites during the day and stay to see the stunning sunsets in places like the Valley of the Moon; go prepared so that this aspect does not prevent enjoy the beautiful scenery of the picturesque and experiential city of San Pedro de Atacama.