Delegation from Texas Austin University visited the UCN with the Atacama Immersion Chile Program


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A group of 21 students and a professor from the University of Texas at Austin, United States, visited the Central House of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) in Antofagasta, where they carried out many activities.

The delegation attended a lecture and guided visit with the academic of the Department of Geological Sciences and Doctor Honoris Causa of our institution Dr. Guillermo Chong. 

The activity, carried out with the Atacama Immersion Chile Program promoted by the UCN, has the support of the outstanding teacher and researcher, who for two years has been collaborating in the development of this initiative that seeks to project and link the North of Chile to the world in our institution, Dr. Guillermo Chong.

 During his visit to the Antofagasta region, the US delegation toured different parts of the Central House and participated in the lecture "Northern Chile and its Atacama Desert", given by Dr. Chong.

 The program of activities also included a visit to the Geological Museum of the UCN Professor Humberto Fuenzalida Villegas, and the Ruins of Huancahaca Museum, located on the esplanade of that National Monument.