AI Chile

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AI Chile


UCN Professors


5 weeks


Antofagasta region

Intended for

Students, Professionals and Enthusiasts 


Purpose of the Course

Provide the chance to fully experience all Atacama Immersion courses in 5 weeks, including: Astronomy, Mining, Geology, History and Cultural Tourism.


Topics of the Course

  • Astronomy: Modern and Observational Astronomy
  • Mining: The Global Mining Industry in Chile
  • Geology: Volcanoes, Origin and Risks
  • History: History and Culture of the Norte Grande
  • Cultural Tourism in the Atacama Desert



More information: 
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Dirección de Relaciones Institucionales 
Universidad Católica del Norte 
Santiago, Chile. 
Telephone: +562-22228094 


Program Includes

  • Field Coordinator
  • Assistant Professor (or tour guide if applicable)
  • Transfer to all locations
  • Snacks in all field activities
  • Tickets to all locations, parks and centers
  • Merchandising and gifts from Atacama Immersion

It is strongly suggested to bring sunscreen, swimming suit, trekking shoes, hat, and warm and light clothes.