Volcanoes: Origin and risks



Volcanoes: Origin and risks


UCN Professors


28 Hrs (1 credit)


Antofagasta region

Intended for

Students, Professionals and Enthusiasts 


Purpose of the Course

Identify the main volcanic processes existing around the world, and estimate the risk towns near eruptive centers are exposed to.

Topics of the Course

  • Module I: Origin, evolution, types of volcanoes, types of volcanic eruptions
  • Module II: Volcanic products, types of volcanisms, lava, pyroclasts and gases
  • Module III: Hazards and risks associated to volcanic eruptions, examples of volcanoes in Chile
  • Module IV: Field trips


More information: 
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Dirección de Relaciones Institucionales 
Universidad Católica del Norte 
Santiago, Chile. 
Telephone: +562-22228094 


Program Includes

  • Field Coordinator
  • Assistant Professor (or tour guide if applicable)
  • Transfer to all locations
  • Snacks in all field activities
  • Tickets to all locations, parks and centers
  • Merchandising and gifts from Atacama Immersion

It is strongly suggested to bring sunscreen, swimming suit, trekking shoes, hat, and warm and light clothes.