Spanish Courses


Spanish courses are delivered by teachers from the Catholic University of the North. Here, students will have the chance to take part in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, where they can take a one-month course or extend this experience for up to a year, depending on the particular interests of each person.

Lessons are from Monday to Friday, with a duration of four hours a day, completing 80 hours a month. Field trips, Atacama Immersion Chile program gifts and other benefits are included.

These courses are compatible with other academic and personal activities.


Basic Program(A1-A2)

This level is aimed at providing idiomatic proficiencyto the student so they become able to understand and use frequent and simple expressions, letting them interact with other people on a daily basis. The student will be able to introduce themselves and request information about their address, belongings and acquaintances, provided that their interlocutor speaks clearly and slowly.

Intermidiate Program (B1-B2)

In this level, students will learn communication strategies that allow them to use past and future tenses. They will be able to hold a conversation about family matters, read general texts and simple literary texts, and write letters and simple texts about their lives.

Advanced Program (C1-C2)

Upon level completion, the student will be able to expose their arguments in debates from different points of view. They would have also learnt to use idiomatic expressions and stylistic resources that will allow them to explore the Spanish language in a more creative way, and will not pose any difficulty for them reading contemporary Hispanic American texts.





Program Includes

  • Assistant professor or tour guide (field trips)
  • Coffee break every day
  • Study materials depending on the level
  • Snacks during field activities
  • Tickets to locations, parks and centers (if applicable)
  • Merchandising and Atacama Immersion gifts